EcoForce is excited to partner with Rounda, a new way Australians can support the planting of trees and supporting our environment.

So what is Rounda?

Rounda is a rounding up facility linked to all Australian financial institution debits cards. When you open an account with Rounda and link your debit card, each purchase you make provides a top up to the next $1, $2 or $5 amount and that is contributed towards the planting of trees through EcoForce. You can put a weekly cap on your rounding up towards trees and you can pause your tree planting contributions in the future if you wish.

Round utilise Australia’s high tech national open banking system to secure and process its transactions. This short video will give you more background to this tech.

So how can I get on board with Rounda and EcoForce?

Complete the form below, we’ll redirect you to the Rounda on boarding platform, choose EcoForce as the organisation you want to link to and follow the next steps.

Each month we’ll update you on our Rounda partnership and what your rounding up funds have been contributed to in tree planting efforts

Rounda for Trees

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