Become an EcoPartner – Offset Your Carbon and make a difference.

Successful businesses care for their customers, and customers do business with you when they know that you care. 
The EcoForce Global Partnership Program shows that you care in more ways than one.

Almost daily we learn of devastation from floods, droughts, fires, and rising sea levels where more and more people are impacted and displaced due to changes in global climates. People are asking; what can we do to help reverse the damage for a better future? At EcoForce, we have made this possible and we are making a difference with our sustainable Tree Planting Program. So much so in fact, that we have established a worldwide organisation endorsed by the United Nations to start reversing the effects of global warming by planting 1 billion trees in every country around the planet. This is a big vision, and we need your help.

Why become an EcoPartner?

By simply registering with EcoForce Global as an EcoPartner (which is free to do so) and making a tree purchase from the Tree Club Menu, your company will be able to offset its carbon footprint. This supports our mission to plant billions of trees around the world on farmland to sequester carbon and help farmers store massive amounts of carbon in their soils.

You will also become recognised as a caring organisation that is standing up and contributing toward the health and repair of our planet – before it is too late.

How it works

Step 1. Register Your Business as an EcoPartner and purchase your trees on the Tree Club Menu. Complete the form at the bottom of this page and include your tree purchase with your free registration.

Step 2. You will be sent a unique QR Code for Your Business. Display Your EcoPartnership to your customers to show that you care for the planet and are doing something proactive to bring about change. We will send you a window sticker for your business location and a widget or web code that you can include on your website – ideal for businesses who sell online (eTailers). See images below.

Could Your Business use some additional income?

Step 3. Share your unique EcoPartner QR Code to provide your customers the opportunity to contribute toward offsetting your carbon footprint and be rewarded for your efforts. By simply sharing your unique EcoPartner QR Code with your customers, they can scan to buy their own tree/s which will be credited to your carbon captured total for your business. For every tree purchased through your business, EcoForce will reward you financially as a ‘Thank You Gift’ on behalf of the planet.

In addition, each time a tree is purchased through your business, we will update your business with your tree purchasing history and estimated captured carbon amount. Your eco-credentials are displayed on your website for your customers to see your contribution to help heal the planet.

This may be one of the most significant planet saving cost-effective campaigns that you may ever offer. Read on, you will be glad you did …

Just imagine the opportunity to offer carbon capturing trees to all your customers. Each tree would bear their name, and they would have a GPS code to locate their tree/s so they can monitor its growth over the years. Each tree would also bear your logo providing you with positive recognition for years to come.

Use trees to incentivise your customers and promote your business.

There are numerous ways you can engage with your customers with the planting of carbon hungry trees while promoting your business.

For example, you may offer to commit a percentage of sales, or set an amount per sale for specific products or services towards trees. You could display your unique EcoPartner QR Code on menus, tables, behind bathroom doors, or any place where your customers are likely to read about your contribution to the planet … the possibilities are endless

As a Business Owner this is Your Opportunity to join other EcoPartners and EcoForce Global Affiliates around the world who are selling and planting trees to capture carbon from our atmosphere to help restore balance and reduce the impact of climate change.

Join the movement and EcoPartner with us today

This is one effective way your business can contribute to the repair of the planet and its diverse ecosystems – together we can make a difference.

Businesses are looking for an edge. Giving businesses the chance to participate in the EcoPartner program allows them to show their credentials to their customers and stakeholders. Businesses can join as an EcoPartner for Free by simply registering via this url:

Every business around the world is looking to reduce its eco footprint, either to reduce the cost of doing business or due to consumer and stakeholder pressure. Being an EcoPartner allows businesses a transparent way of contributing to carbon capture and landscape regeneration through the EcoForce Tree Planting Program. Businesses can gain a great deal of credibility by committing to purchasing and plant trees through EcoForce Global. Sign up today to become an EcoPartner.

Now that you have taken a position on purchasing trees, you can incentivise your customers through purchases and be rewarded with trees. For example a car dealership might purchase 10 trees for every car sold or a coffee shop might suggest to customers 50 cents from every coffee goes towards buying more trees. There are any number of ways trees can be used as an incentive to drive sales. Businesses might also invite their customers to help them reach a business target by purchasing a tree through the businesses QR code.

Your webcode link will be sent within 24 hours to your purchasing email address and your sticker posted not long thereafter.

Yes it is possible once the trees have been allocated to a planting site for you to be involved with the planting. Our team will be in contact with you prior to the planting. Your trees unless you purchased over 500 in one time will be collated with other trees purchased to create a mass planting.

EcoForce chooses the trees that best suit the environment in which they are to be planted in consultation with biologists and ecologists and nature specialists. This means we capture the greatest amount of carbon and have the greatest rate of success.

All trees cost $84.70 AUD when purchased outright or just $7.70 AUD when purchased on a monthly plan over 12 months.

Each business can set its own purchase frequency. Business can engage their customers to buy through a link we’ll issue you after you purchase your first three and become an Affiliate. The affiliate link will help you track customer engagement and can be used to promote your efforts.

There is no minimum but we recommend you purchase at least 3 to start with and become an affiliate. Doing so can help you purchase more trees later on at a reduced rate.

EcoPartner Registration